We love going to a water park in June. The water feels fantastic!

When the kids were younger, we would get there early for a good shaded spot to call “home”. We prefer TL as well, our home is by the surf pool. The waterparks do get busy later in the afternoon, but if you hit the big slides early, you will miss the lines.

Now that the kids are older and sometimes it’s just DH and I, we like to book a Cabana. It’s wonderful to get out of the heat, have a great place to rest and relax. The CM’s are fantastic. They will let you in early to get settled in the Cabana and then once the parks opens, you take take off.

We always take a cab to the waterparks. It’s not expensive and so much easier than taking the buses. There are not always cabs at TL, so I get the Mears number and just order one when we are done.

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