I was pondering my November 30th park day, and knowing that MK closes at 4:30 I realized we could probably do some “extra” stuff and put the park-hopper to use.
Since this is our first trip – I’m just not sure the timing will work.

MK closes, 4:30
ADR – Ohana, 5:55p.m.
Park hop to HS to see jingle bell, jingle bam, (touring plan says 8:00 p.m. show)

Will we have time to make it to HS from Ohana in time to see this?
(as I have no clue how long it will take for us to be seated, eat, etc… at Ohana and I really don’t want to rush it either)

We are at HS the next day (Dec.1) but we have a fantasmic dining package and I don’t think we would make both.

Thanks so much :)

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