Well, I can’t comment on the Club Level stuff at the WL or GF, as it’s waaaaaay beyond my budget (we spend $100/night max, offsite). But we did Xmas to New Years in 2015 and again just this past year. How you do it is entirely up to you. For me, doing 1 or 2 days where you just stay in your resort is absolutely a waste. We didn’t travel to WDW to see a hotel pool or lobby, we’re there for the parks. But that’s just our feeling, if you want to do it, by all means go for it. We don’t spend 12 hours in the parks, for sure. But we’ll do between 4 and 8 every day, depending on how we feel. Then we’ll find other things to do…explore a hotel, go out for dessert, relax at our rental house, etc…

Like AngiTN said, don’t bank on pool time. It could be 83 degrees, it could be 53 degrees. Never know.

Yes, it’s incredibly busy. But we had a blast. In fact, the 2017 trip we just did was one of our favorites of all time, and we’ve made 10-15 trips overall in the past 10 years. Rides all have long lines. Restaurant lines looked crazy, especially QS places (we pack our own food, so we didn’t have to deal with it). The line for Starbucks was insane…I don’t personally get it, that stuff is toxic sludge..LOL. Many (not all) womens bathrooms had lines…man, that was one time I was glad to be a guy. But you can work around that. For rides, use FP+ and you’ll never have to wait in long lines…we never waited more than 20-30 minutes for ANYTHING. Use the mobile ordering app for food at QS places when applicable. Have reservations otherwise or eat at off peak hours. Have a bit of patience, have holiday spirit, use FP+ to your advantage, and you’ll have a fabulous time!!!

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