I get motion sickness quite easily. 7 Dwarfs was very unpleasant for me and won’t touch Mission Space, Star Tours, etc.

When I went on FOP I had armed myself with Dramamine shortly before the ride. I wasn’t desperately ill but definitely got queasy which was resolved quite well by closing my eyes at least 4 times in different areas. My adult daughter would not take Dramamine and did not like the ride at all, even though she didn’t get actually sick. When walking off, she felt ‘off’ and didn’t like the feeling.

I was determined to try it one more time 2 weeks ago as I wanted DH to go as I knew he would love it and wanted to go with him.

This time, I bought SeaBands at Walmart, took chewable Dramamine ONE HOUR and 10 minutes prior to the FP time (didn’t plan it this way but I had the wrong FP time) and while entering the ride line, I chewed Ginger Mints (Trader Joes). Once I sat on the ‘banshee’, I threw Altoids (my absolute go to when queasy) in my mouth. Lo & Behold, it was 100% wonderful. I loved the ride. DH loved the ride. I very much intend to ride it and follow my goofy system every time I go (several times a year).

After rereading this, it sounds ridiculous. But it worked for me.

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