I don’t think Disney has done a good job in the past of predicting movie success and park/product demand. I think it was once told to me as “The Pocahontas Effect” ……… where the produced tons of merchandise and infused her (AK Show, Fantasmic storyline …) and it was a bust. The merchandise didn’t sell. So now they are slow to react. Look how long it took to get and keep Frozen merchandise in stock. Not only were they not prepared for a basic success, they were not prepared for a huge success.

The fact that they ran that Olaf “short” in front of the movie says they were worried about it’s success, and they were hoping to draw in the Frozen families. Since it probably was never in plans for park additions and we are only a few months out …. there certainly hasn’t been enough “Disney time” to figure it out.

I agree that it could big a huge plus in the parks and wish they would pay more attention to it. If I had seen things, I would likely have bought plenty since I could get my AP 20% discount. Instead my trip two weeks ago – the entire trip I spent $20 for an Arts Festival mug. That was it, 4 parks multiple times, they got no other merchandise money from me.

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