Always try to do Safari at AK multiple times – we are big animal lovers, and as PP mentioned, every ride is different as animals move around – we can never see too many giraffes and elephants! Flight of Passage in Pandora would be great, but wait is not worth it for us, unless you can get lucky with 4th FP or get FP for more than one day of trip. Toy Story Mania at HS is another one to ride as many times as possible – you may have done it at DL – so much fun trying to beat your score! Soarin is another favorite which you also may have done at DL, but it used to be themed CA and is now all over the world – can’t beat the feeling of flying!

For all of these, we arrive to do at Rope Drop with short wait, and set up FP for late morning. Then we try for 4th FP, or get in line at end of night for possible shorter line than posted.

With it being your 1st trip, there is a lot to explore, so doing everything once is challenging, especially if you want to stop and enjoy characters, parades, performers, etc. so you could plan to try everything once, then do things you love again on 2nd day at park or with 4th FP. Lots of shows at HS so plan time in for some of those, and lots of SW if you are into that. Be sure to see Lion King show at AK!

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