I would emphasize how large WDW is. Like, show it to scale with a similar sized city- or even in comparison to your local city. Demonstrate the distances between things and the amount of roads, etc.

Provide an explanation of travel, from magical express to parking, on site buses and where they do and don’t go, onsite boats and where they do and don’t go, and a summary of when things operate. Useful to know monorail routes as well- I learned on my last trip that you can’t monorail directly between Epcot and magic kingdom for instance- you need to change tracks.

Security. What to expect and where.

That there’s no “right” way to do the parks and that they aren’t perfect.

Maybe even footcare/selfcare to endure walking, heat, weather, etc. Talk about other facilities on site- medical, car rental, gas station, etc.

Explain differences in food options.

Sounds like a fun program! Making me miss my “liberry” roots. ;)

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