Here is an important post about one of Disney’s most beloved ride, Indiana Jones Adventure. 
As we know the ride has been envisioned for Disneyland Paris Adventureland since years – and the land to build it was always kept – and i’d like to know “what would you expect of an Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland Paris Adventureland?”. 
I’m not asking you if you would like to have IJA coming at DLP because obviously the answer is “yes!” ( and so far the ride has been chosen at 87% in D&M surveys as the ride you would like to see coming to DLP ) but what kind of Indiana Jones Adventure ride would you like?

– Exactly the same ride than the beloved original one at Disneyland? 
– Or would you like the same ride but with changes of some scenes? 
– If yes, in which scenes would you like to see changes? 
– Also, would you like the same kind of ride vehicles ( the jeep mounted on a simulation platform ), or different track vehicles? 
– And what about a totally new kind of Indiana Jones ride with less “real decors” but projection effects like in Universal Spiderman or Transformers ride? 
– Or another kind of Indiana Jones ride going both indoor AND outdoor?
– Last but not least, the queue decor of Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland is awesome as we know and a big part of the thrill because the queue seems to never end ( mostly because they needed to bring the guests up to the show building on Disneyland parking lot ) but would you definitely want the queue decor to be as long, let’s say, than in the DisneySea version,  or eventually it won’t be a problem if it was shorter?
– Any others ideas not listed here are welcome in your comments!

Thanks by advance for your answers and please say exactly what you have in mind! 
Picture: copyright Disney

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