The 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend has begun, and that means thousands of runners and their friends and families have arrived at the resort. Many of these guests are new to running – or new to Walt Disney World – and are looking for the right food to fuel their runs this weekend.


Philip Grand, a health coach at Cigna, the presenting sponsor of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, offers these suggestions on the runDisney blog:

Foods to Eat Before a Short Run (30-60 minutes)

Your body doesn’t need a lot, but it may perform better with a small snack that includes protein and carbohydrates. Try one of these:

** Graham crackers with peanut butter or honey
** A cup of applesauce and cottage cheese
** Fresh fruit, like berries or a banana
** A bowl of cereal with milk

Foods to Eat Before a Long Run (90 minutes or more)

If you plan to run for 90 minutes or more, an increase in carbohydrates is necessary. Try one of these about an hour before heading out:

** A bagel with peanut butter or jelly
** Peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread with a banana
** Pretzel or carrots with hummus, and cheese stick
** Sports drinks will aid in electrolyte balance

Foods to Eat the Night Before a Race

If you’re racing in the morning, time can be tight. Don’t forget to properly fuel the evening before with a meal that includes complex carbs and protein. Try one of these for dinner:

** A bowl of pasta with a meat sauce or meatballs
** Pizza with veggies and some protein


He suggests not trying different food or drinks before racing; save that for training runs. Also, know that most Walt Disney World hotels offer runner’s specials in their counter-service restaurants, such as pasta meals and snack boxes, during race weekends.

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