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I recently started a thread looking for a partner for the Teacup ride. I’m doing my second SOLO trip soon and as a loner and an introvert, I absolutely LOVED it. The only ride I felt somewhat awkward on were the Teacups. That ride just screams for partnership. ANYWAY, thanks to our good DISers… I think I may have found a partner for my Nov 9th visit (I will be at MK on Nov 8th, 9th and 14th).

Also, via that thread, I realized how many people there were who had never done the Teacups (and some who CANNOT do them – due to the spinning). My first reaction was who in the world (as a frequent visitor) has never done the Teacups? As a child of the 60’s and watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night — the Teacups were a fantasy for me. I think every child during that time wanted to go Disney and ride those Teacups. Since I did not get to go to Disney until I was 30 (Disneyland) – I was tickled pink to be there – and especially to get on those Teacups. I’m still a big kid.

Anyway, that thread also prompted me to bring up a ride that I have officially “Retired” myself from after my last 2015 visit. That ride is SPACE MOUNTAIN. I told myself that enough is enough. I have never cared for the intense version of the ride and I’m not a thrill-ride sissy. It wasn’t even until about 8-9 months ago that I figured out the reason why. I was on the boards and actually looked at the design of the seating. I don’t think that SM would be a problem for me if I felt like I could grasp on to something. That fat bar on my lap does nothing to make me feel grounded. I have very small hands that don’t really seem to grasp it (yet children have no problem with it). I realize that my personal fear factor is that I don’t feel grounded in that seat. I never have. It’s the only ride that scares me and I only get on it because I am familiar with it and I know what to expect. In fact, my MK ritual was always to head to SM first! But this last time (at age 55… and feeling a bit battered bruised in my back area) – I told myself.. enough. You can’t even handle that ride anymore… you need to cease and desist with making it a must do.

I’d love it if Disney could put some kind of a side bar that I can really grasp on to and feel braced… but let’s not be silly here… I know that Disney isn’t going to redesign a ride for the likes of oddballs like me. People have been riding (and loving) it for decades. If I can’t handle it… that’s my problem.

So anyway, sorry I am so long winded…. just wondering what attractions / rides you always used to do in the past, that you have decided to finally ditch / “Retire” yourself from and why? The way I see it, at the end of the day, you just save yourself valuable time when you retire yourself from a ride / attraction. So I’m feeling good about eliminating SM from my itinerary! :flower1:


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