I’m not sure that you will fit 2 to 3 tier one attractions into 45 minutes to be honest, and I think that is why most people don’t think this is a great plan. Future World is big, it takes a fair bit of time to walk from Test Track to Soarin, and even without long lines, Test Track is going to take probably 15 minutes at least to get through, perhaps longer. Soarin’ is similar, with the minimum time through being at least 15 minutes, and 20 or 25 being much more typical even with almost no line.

Test Track is no stranger to breakdowns, glitches, and delays of every imaginable kind, even first thing in the morning. Last year we got in line first thing, rope drop, should have been no real wait. Went through the design studio, went through the line merge, and were maybe 3 people back from loading when progress stopped. We stood there a good 10 minutes before they announced that the ride was closing, and we would have to leave. It probably took another 5 minutes to get us out of the building, so we were in maybe 25 to 30 minutes, and didn’t even get to ride. We returned later in the day with the paper FP that they gave us, got to the ramp just after the line merge, again the ride went down, and we were evacuated, this time with nearly 40 minutes having been spent standing in the line.

For me, that would be a lot of hustling, with a pretty tight schedule, to get 2 rides in. I think I would pick one park, or the other for that morning, and not try to do both, but that is just me. Only you know what will work best for your family, we are just answering your question for you. However, I will point out that you must have some reservations about the plan, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here and asked if we thought it was “too aggressive, too commando,” which honestly, I do think it is, and I have some experience with being too aggressive, and too commando.

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