We were just on the Ultimate Night of Adventure VIP tour at Animal Kingdom this past weekend. Decided to give this a whirl after months of (unsuccessfully) trying to schedule Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey FastPasses…. even had been online the minute FP opened up for this vacation. No dice.

Speaking with one of the guides, the capacity is 25 guests…. and we had about that. We got to the meeting point outside Dinosaur at 3:30, way early and were one of the first to check in. After checking IDs, we pre-selected a beverage and dessert (blueberry or chocolate) for later in the tour. (Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink choice was available). They said come back at 3:45 which we did, but the tour didn’t get started until 4pm. After some quick introductions by guides and all the guests, we started by entering Dinosaur.

The tour group enters as a group to the FastPass entrance; if there are people already in the FastPass line, we waited our turn behind them, so it is not moving to the front of the line or entering from a side-door (like Soarin’ on Backstage Magic tour).

After Dinosaur, we walked over to Pandora…. and first entered the Na’vi River Journey. When that was complete, it was straight into Flight of Passage! After entering the FP line, we waited about 20 minutes to enter the first part of the ride (the “staging” movie introducing us to Flight of Passage).

Ok…. it is an EXCELLENT ride!! Wish we could have done it again. More on that a little later.

After regrouping outside Flight, it was time for our break…. scheduled to be maybe 35 minutes or so. We started the break just before 6 and told we were free until 6:30pm. We were ushered over to a few outside tables reserved for the group under the covered area at Satu’li Canteen. While the tour says “dinner not included” and it is a “snack”, it was a heavy sampling of some of the Satu’li Canteen food items… served family style at the tables of 6 people. I believe it was the sampler platter from the menu. So yes not technically dinner, but it was enough… for us anyway.

Here’s where things started to get interesting. About 6:10 pm, the weather decided to add some challenges and the skies opened up pouring rain in a drenching thunderstorm. You’d think being “under cover” at Satu’li Canteen would protect you from getting wet; not so, as the outside roof is a very odd tiered design….. and our table was directly under where the rain penetrated between the tiers. So our food and ourselves got wet…. all while “under cover”.

At 6:30 the guides told us we were holding due to the lightning….. we finally ventured out (in the rain) around 6:40 and walked to Kilimanjaro Safaris. Tour guide #2: “It operates rain or shine! Only when the winds get above 40 MPH does it close”.

We arrive — and the FP cast member told our guide “The Safari is closed”. So we hung out in the rain while Guide #1 called on the bat phone to figure out plan C.

“The bad news: Kilimanjaro Safari is closed. The good news? How about we go ride Flight of Passage again?”. Cheers all around.

So we walked back in the rain to where we started the post-dinner trek, and a few drops wetter, waited in the FP line again for 20 minutes. And another EXCELLENT ride on Flight!

After exiting it was still raining and some rumbling of thunder….. we were told that basically the rest of the rides were closed, so the tour was over. We did not get to ride Safari or Everest, or see Rivers of Light. We were welcome to stay and hope the later showing of Rivers of Light would be on, but the early showing had been canceled.

We were given some printed FP tickets (three per person) valid through end of the month on any FP attraction at AK…..EXCEPT Na’vi, Flight of Passage, or Rivers of Light.

So that was a wrap!

Would we do it again? If we had never done it yet — yes, we’d do it again the first time. No need to do it a second time….. plenty of other stuff to experience!

Hope this was helpful to all, enjoy the tour!

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