Funny those are the three times you are considering…

Our first family trip was mid-May 2014. It was pretty hot for most of the week, and rained a couple of days, but otherwise nice. Very manageable crowds. Got in lots of pool time.

Our second family trip was mid-November 2016. The weather was glorious. Never too hot, no rain at all, perfect for touring the parks. Didn’t get in much pool time because it wasn’t that hot, and with the earlier sunset, there just wasn’t as much time. The crowds were very manageable at that time as well (the week before Thanksgiving week).

This year, we’re doing early-mid March (5th-18th). We are hoping to beat most of the spring break crowds during the first week, and take the second week to enjoy more pool time and relax. The weather forecast is all over the place, so we’ll see how it ends up. But it’s looking like anywhere from low 70s to high 80s. Also, Daylight Saving Time starts in the middle of our trip so that will affect sunrise/set times. It will be interesting.

Crowd levels seem so unpredictable now, I don’t know if you can safely base your decision on anyone’s past experiences. But given all factors (and your flexibility) I would personally choose November. The weather was so great, Christmas decorations were up (and MVMCP if you’re interested in that). But I don’t really think you can go “wrong” with any of your three choices.

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