MY FP window is on Tuesday. :)

But I need to plan NYDay. I am told that last year MK opened at 7, and I have been told it opened at 8. ? Currently the hours are 9a-9pm

I imagine that the hours will change between now and then right?

Which makes planning a bit harder.

So far we have:
Winnie The Pooh
Haunted Mansion
1020 ADR Crystal Palace
1st FP Pirates 1145-1245
2nd FP Big Thunder 1245-145
3rd FP Splash 145-245

If the hours change to open at 7 or even 8, that will change things wont it? Will the park be so crowded first thing in the morning after being open so late the night before? assuming still 9am opening, is my current plan feasible?

I am thinking that if RD changes to 8am, we would do:
Big Thunder
then maybe we have time to sneak on Pirates
1020 CP ADR
1st FP: Splash 1145-1245
then continue to things like Country Bear, Liberty boat, Small World, Philharmagic depending on crowds.
145-245 7D
245-345 Meet and Greet
345-445 something.

if it changes to 7am
then after Big Thunder
Country Bear
1020ADR CP
1st fp: 1145-1245 Jungle Cruise
2nd: 1245-145: 7Dwarfs
3rd: 145-245 a meet and greet.

The problem here is that if I book fastpasses NOW for Jan 1st, Thunder and Splash are good to get. BUT if the hours change and I don’t book 7Dwarfs, I won’t get 7Dwarfs.

I guess best thing to do is book 7D for 145-245 no matter what to have that if the times change.

How does the rest of the plan look?

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