I need help deciding what 3 FP+ to pick for our June trip. I will try to include as much detail in this original post but feel free to ask any questions that may assist you in recommending.

Travel party will be DH and myself, DS1 and his girlfriend (both 21), and DS2 and his girlfriend (turning 18 first day there and turning 17 a month later). In my sig. you can see how many times we’ve been as a family, plus DS1 and GF1 have been 3 times themselves (including week before Christmas and summer) and she did college program last year in Spring and Summer. DS2, GF2, and I went last year to MK, DHS, and Universal with their high school band, but that’s the only time she’s ever been.

I’ve only done this new FP+ thing twice and only for 3 or 4 people, so I want to do the best to plan now, then we can just go with the flow on the trip.

I’ve also never been in the summer so I don’t know what to expect crowd wise. We have gone mostly during cooler months and never go back to the resort during the day for breaks or anything. We are coming from Charleston, South Carolina area though, so we’re used to heat and humidity. Travel dates are June 9-16.

We will have 5 park days with hoppers. We will arrive on Sat. and just check in and have a nice dinner.

Sun. at MK for DS2’s birthday, breakfast at Crystal Palace at 8:25, lunch at BOG at 1:10

Must do’s at MK are (in no particular order) 7 Dwarves, Space Mt., Big Thunder Mt. Splash Mt., Peter Pan, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Pooh, Jungle Cruise, Buzz Lightyear, Monster, Inc., Aladdin, Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Mickey’s Philharmagic, it’s a small world, Prince Charming Carrousel, and Carrousel of Progress

Mon. at DHS, lunch at Sci-Fi at 12:45

Not sure if Toy Story Land will be open, but if so those attractions will be must do’s! Other must do’s at DHS are Toy Story Mania, RnR, ToT, Muppet Vision, Frozen Sing along, and Indiana Jones. If we have time we’ll do Beauty and the Beast and/or Little Mermaid shows. Definitely doing Fantasmic and SW fireworks, but don’t need special seating for that- we’ll squeeze in where we can!

Tue. down day where we’ll do Boma breakfast at 9:30, mini golf and swimming/hanging out at resort, then dinner at Homecoming at 7:00

Wed. at Epcot, no ts meals planned (We’ll probably end up snacking around the world. I almost don’t know what to do because for the last I don’t know how many trips we’ve either been for F&W or F&G- what do we do without kiosks?)

Must do’s at Epcot are Test Track, Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, The Land, Figment, The Seas, Gran Fiesta, Frozen Ever After, and the American Adventure.

Thu. at AK, lunch at Yak & Yeti at 1:00

Must do’s at AK are FoP, Navi River Journey (only the 2 older “kids” have done Pandora), Safari, Everest, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, FotLK, Rafiki’s Planet watch, Jungle Trek, Tree of Life Awakening and Rivers of Light (also only older 2 have seen).

Fri. is probably hopper day, ending at MK and dinner at Tony’s at 6:35

We can get in anything we missed on previous days.

I realize some things I listed don’t have FP+, but I figured you guys might help me figure out when to do these as well. All opinions welcomed! TIA for anything you can share to help me!!!

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