Sleeping. I wish I could say I was naturally an early riser, but I’m just not, and never will be. :( Before we had our D, my H and I would set alarms and get there at rope drop and struggle through the foggy brain and crankiness. But when we started taking our D to WDW at around age 2, we started working around her schedule (she’s not an early riser either), and we found we could still get to do everything we wanted…we just had to plan/strategize differently (we often adopt the “vampire strategy” from in the hot summer months). Once we made this discovery, there was no going back to being rope-droppers for us…H and I have to get up early most of the rest of the year, so we really enjoy not having to on vacation.

But I totally envy the people like my sister who are up at 5 am with a smile on their face every day, weekend or not, raring to go!

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