Although we don’t know the details of any tiered multiday tickets, the single day tickets might give us a hint – where regular tickets are about 10% higher than value tickets and peak tickets are about 20% higher than value tickets. If that’s what it ultimately looks like, it will affect when some people go (or if they can go). By way of example, a 5-day ticket at peak season would be about $80 more expensive than one at value season. For a family of 4, that would be close to an extra $400 for tickets to go at peak season. That very much could be a deal breaker for many.

As for the mechanics of how the pricing would work when multiday tickets bridge different tiers, I see two possibilities:

1) Tickets are purchased for specific dates and priced accordingly.
2) The system “credits” you with a certain number of days in each tier based on your anticipated visit dates but those credits can be used on any day (so long as you have a credit in that tier on the day you visit).

I don’t see the first one happening, but the second is very confusing. Wanna know what’s more interesting? Both of those scenarios would take a huge bite out of the ticket reseller market (which currently can just buy and resell anytime multi-day tickets – that gets trickier under a tiered system – and steers you towards buying direct from Disney).

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