Back in the fledgling days of Fast Pass plus (FP+), there was a real concern that 60 day FP+ reservations would only be available for those that had a Disney Resort reservation. At the time, only same day FP+ (SDFP) reservations were available for offsite guests, with no end in sight. Enter the “throwaway room”, an on-site hotel reservation made to capture the 60 day FP+ window for offsite guests. I made my first throwaway room reservation in April 2014, and although I haven’t made one since that time, the practice is still alive and well, as evidence by the 2500+ posts on the original thread started by mamabear0222 in January 2014. I was asked to post an undated, nuts and bolts thread for the throwaway room, which can be revised over time if needed. Without further ado:

What is a Throwaway Room?

A throwaway room is an onsite Disney Resort reservation, made by an offsite guest, for the purpose of obtaining onsite privileges. Typically these reservations are made with no intention of staying in the resort, hence the “throwaway” moniker. They are often made at The Campsites at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort or a value resort, and can be made for one or more days, up to the length of the offsite stay.

Why would someone do this?

Although offsite guests can now make 30 day advanced FP+ reservations, there are still advantages to making a throwaway room reservation if you are staying offsite:

1. 60 day + advanced FP+ reservations for the length of stay of your throwaway room, including the check-in and check-out days, up to the number of ticket entitlements you have. Days do not need to be Even a one day throwaway room has a significant advantage here, which will be explained in a minute.

2. Magic bands (MB) for everyone on the reservation.

3. Free parking at Theme Parks for the length of stay of your throwaway room, including the check-in and check-out days.

4. Admission to Extra Magic Hours (EMH)

5. Advanced dining reservations (ADR) 180 days prior to check in for the entire length of stay (“180 +10”)

Do I need to actually check-in?

With the advent of online check-in, most guests do not even show up at the resort. If you check-in online, your MB is already active and can be used for Theme Park parking, FP+ and EMH.

What is the FP+ advantage?

Many people book a throwaway room for just one night. They gain FP+ reservation privileges 60 days prior to check-in, and can make FP+’s for both the check-in and check-out day. You can continue to to make reservations for the rest of your offsite stay, on a rolling basis, one day at a time, 60 days out. The number of reservations is limited only to the number of days you have on your ticket(s).

For example, let’s say I’m staying off-site for a fun Halloween treat from October 24-31 of this year. I book a throwaway room for the night of October 24th at All-Star Sports. Tomorrow, 8/25, I will be able to book FP+’s for October 24 and 25, my throwaway room check-in and check-out day, but not the rest of the week. On 8/27, I will be able to book for 10/26, on 8/28 for 10/27, etc., on a rolling basis for the length of my ticket.

Is it worth it?

For most people, probably not. However, if you were buying MB for everyone anyway, it might be worth it. If you can snag a tent site for $53 plus tax, you can add 10 people to the reservations and receive 10 magic bands ($12.99 value per band). Also, you get free parking for 2 days ($40 value), not to mention 60 day FP+ availability. Just remember that you only get EMH and Parking for your check-in and -out days. I have seen people book throwaways for the entire length of stay to gain access to hard to find ADR’s, and gain the 180+10 advantage especially during busy times. Considering staying at the Poly can be over $600 per night for a standard room, and you can find an offsite 2 bedroom can costs less than half that, I can understand the logic.

“This thread is not for debating whether or not this is a good, bad or allowable strategy. Posts/posters who ignore this warning will be removed accordingly”

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