Yup, echoing above about it not being impossible at all. Especially if you’re willing to periodically check the app for the harder to get FPs as your date approaches.

We booked our FP at 30-32 days out, basically. For Mardi Gras week, so probably a bit less busy than the week you’re looking at but not a totally dead time either. At that point I think the only thing totally unavailable was FOP, but a few weeks later I got lucky and scored an evening one–and this week managed to move it to morning. FEA was late evening only, but again I’ve modified ours to 2 pm this week–and we’re still not in the 24 hour window when things are supposed to become more fluid.

I’ve also gotten all the ADRs we want–the really hard to get ones I set up searches with TP’s reservation finder and have managed them all, usually within about 15 minutes of my preferred time slot.

It probably takes a bit more time than booking it all the moment your window opens up, but it’s definitely doable. And if you’re flexible about what you do or where you eat–or not as schedule-bound as we are(we have young kids, so are a bit more tied to their routines)–you can likely have a great time without too much stress at all.

I can’t speak to crowds that week, I assume most of March is hectic and close to Easter especially so. But everyone keeps saying there are no slow times anymore, so it might not be that much worse than any other time of year?

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