So I’ve done it.

For years and years I’ve had a bucket list dream to fly out early early from Boston, head to Orlando, head to Magic Kingdom for the day, and then fly back that night and I just booked it.

In February, I will be leaving Boston at 6am, landing in Orlando around 9:30, picking up a rental car at the airport, driving to MK, spending the day riding rides, and just soaking it in, having my favorite lunch (corndog nuggets at Casey’s) and then drive back to the airport for a 9pm flight back to Boston. I’ll have my annual pass by then so I won’t have to worry about tickets. :)

I did a one day, all 4 parks trip once before with my brother in 2014, we drove from Massachusetts to Key West, then drove up to Orlando, spent the night at All Star Sports, woke up, went to all 4 parks, finished the day watching Wishes, then started the drive back to MA but this flying trip has been a dream of mine for a while.

I know to be aware of possible delays and cancellations but right now I’m just excited I’ll be finally fufilling a dream of mine :)

Have any of you done a One Day Trip? Flying or driving? I know locals probably have driven in for one day quick trips obviously haha


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