As the Halloween season has started in Disney Parks i repost this D&M article posted ten years ago, and all of you who are fans of the “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie are going to love this unrealized attraction concept by Christopher Merritt.

Christopher is a theme park designer who worked previously as an Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering. This “Nightmare Before Christmas” attraction concept  was not done during his time at WDI but was part of his student portfolio back in 1996. Not only we can see how a great attraction it would have been if it had been built, but the coffin ride vehicle concept would have been a lot of fun too.

Editing: I just learned that Chris is back at WDI and apparently worked on Shanghaî Disneyland! Sincere apologies to Christopher Merritt, i didn’t knew that he was back at Imagineering.

One of the detailed illustrations shows the design of the whole interior show, done in the traditional “fun map” style.

Attraction concept and artwork is by Christopher Merritt – Nightmare Before Christmas characters: copyright Disney.

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