When Shanghaî Disneyland opened last year the Pirates of Caribbean : Battle for the Sunken Treasure attraction at Treasure Cove was praised by everyone, and for good reasons: this new version of Disney parks beloved ride was such a wonder of technology and staging that every Disney fan knew that it would get the next THEA Award, and it did.

Now, thanks to the Themed Entertainment Association and the presentation of WDI Imagineers Luc Mayrand and Nancy Seruto during a recent TEA Summit we can discover never seen before pictures of the whole creation process of this unbelievable attraction. Before watching the video of the full presentation i did for you screen captures of the most interesting shots and i suggest that we begin by the beginning, i.e the original renderings for SDL POTC, including early concepts for the ride. Make sure to click on each picture to see them in big size, and Luc Mayrand will give you more info on each of these pics in the video!

Then come pictures of the model, ride layouts, digital renderings and timing.

As usual at WDI a computer generated Animatic was created to visualize the full ride before being built.

Luc Mayrand also shown during the TEA presentation some great construction shots!

The Davy Jones Audio-Animatronic is one of the most sophisticated ever created by WDI and the presentation also included some shots of it during its programming.

The wizards of ILM are the ones who created the fantastic underwater sequences like the one below that SDL POTC guests discover when their boat is supposed to go “under water”.

There is a ritual when Imagineers build a new POTC attraction which is to pour some water coming from each other Pirates of Caribbean rides in the water of the new ride. And this is what the team of Imagineers of SDL POTC did before the attraction opening during a “water ceremony”!

Last but not least two pictures showing for the first Luc Mayrand, Nancy Seruto and others Imagineers in Pirates costume and the other show the full team who built SDL POTC!

Before watching the presentation video the best is probably to watch again – or to discover – the video of the full POTC ride, and here is an excellent one filmed in 4K by SoCal Attractions 360.

Time to watch the video of this TEA Summit in which there is much much more to discover! However, recently, TEA who uploaded on Youtube the video disabled the viewing on others sites, so jump to Youtube to watch it HERE, and don’t miss it as it is rare to have such a great Imagineering insight in the making of an attraction!

Pictures: copyright Disney, TEA

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