The Imagineers have actually placed a great deal of initiative right into making Disney World an enchanting location to discover. Below are several of the well considered information, concealed magic and also unknown keys of the Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella and also Her Castle

Behind the castle rests a water fountain with a sculpture of Cinderella. When a visitor worships take a beverage from the water fountain encountering the sculpture they will certainly see a crown from the background resting flawlessly on Cinderella’s head.


Ultra large angle image of Cinderella Castle fired with the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. It can not be scheduled or also explored.

Visitors that linger Magic Kingdom past shutting time will certainly be dealt with to the touching Kiss Goodnight Show on Cinderella Castle. This unadvertised, obscure program happens approximately 30 mins after the flights close. It includes the initial commitment speech provided by Roy Disney at the grand opening of Magic Kingdom.


Actual gold was made use of on the castle’s apexes as well as on component of the mural inside.

Cinderella Castle stands at 189ft. Another foot as well as Disney would certainly be needed to position a blinking traffic signal atop the castle as a result of air travel laws.

The complex mosaic inside Cinderella Castle is comprised of over 300,000 items of glass. The worthless action sis have ceramic tiles for their eyes that are ‘eco-friendly’ with envy as well as ‘red’ with rage.

The Sword in the Stone

A couple of do observe and also quit to offer it a pull. Lots of stop working and also leave. Every once in a while among the least most likely amongst us comes to be … King of England.

Behind Cinderella Castle, simply before the Golden Carousel, rests the Sword in the Stone. Many visitors stroll right by it.

Key Street Flags

Key Street USA is a little piece of Americana. Over this picturesque village establishing you’ll locate regarding a loads American flags. Something however, none have 50 celebrities!


Is this Disney simply attempting to be traditionally exact? Hence, they do not need to be removed in bad weather condition or brightened during the night.

If phony flags angers your patriotic detects, bask in recognizing a huge flag, loaded with 50 celebrities waves over Town Square, right in the front of the park.


Every day at 5:00 pm a Flag Retreat event occurs, consisting of a real-time marching band, the Dapper Dans as well as an honorary professional of the day. The expert is consisted of in the event, provided the flag and also offered a main certification as well as pin.

Some tips: The option generally happens at opening up near the park entry. If the actors participant making the option does not understand you’re a professional, they can not select you. It never ever injures to ask, particularly in behalf of a particularly deserving expert.

The honarary expert utilized to be picked initially preceded offer however is currently chosen arbitrarily.

Random Magic

The water on the Jungle Cruise is colored in order to make it show up much deeper than it really is.

Key Street has an actual functioning barber store– terrific area for infant’s very first hairstyle.

If you see an old-timely, ornamental phone on the wall surface in a shop, it never ever injures to select it up as well as pay attention.

Off the very first side road, pay attention very closely under the home windows marketing songs lessons.

The home windows over Main Street present names of males as well as ladies vital to the growth of Walt Disney World and also the Disney family members. One home window checklists “Elias Disney, Contractor” a recommendation to Walt’s daddy, that developed residences.

Haunted Mansion


The Stretching Room is the initial point visitors view as they get in. One loads while the various other entertains as well as the other way around, in order to maintain visitors regularly moving to the Doom Buggies.

, if the await Haunted manor is 13 mins– there is no delay.

In the attic room scene, there are 5 wedding celebration pictures with the exact same bride-to-be however various bridegrooms. She is using an extra string of pearls in each succeeding picture, noting the order in which she’s killed wedded them.

When you’ve seen all 5 of the sent off hubbies, the demonic bride-to-be looks to you, disclosing a hatchet. From that factor on, human personalities consider you with terrified expressions, as well as “various other” ghosts are currently totally noticeable to you.

The ‘extending’ result is produced by increasing the ceiling– a minimum of in Disney World. In Disneyland the flooring is reduced to get visitors past the railway that runs following door.


Getaway Planning Tip

Bear in mind– if you are remaining at a Disney hotel, car parking is cost-free at the amusement park.

If you’re flying to Disney World, take a great appearance at leasing an auto. The bus system in Disney World finishes the job, however is commonly the resource of a great deal of issues. When standing in line for a fifty percent a hr simply to jump on a bus, several youngsters merely lack perseverance.

Orlando is an open market, so it pays to contrast store. You can see the series of rates business bill for various designs at this website, so you recognize you’re not paying too much.

Tony’s– Town Square


A table near a home window or on the patio area is a remarkable method to see the ceremony circle the Town Square before Tony’s if you can obtain one.

Goofy is remaining on a bench before Tony’s. If you rest beside him, as well as pay attention carefully, you may hear him talking with you.

There are paw prints described by a heart in the sidewalk outside Tony’s, based upon the dining establishment from Lady as well as the Tramp.

As soon as within, you can request for an ‘sign’ from both Lady and also the Tramp.

A Lot More Random Magic

There is an image of Walt Disney in the little girl’s area on the 40’s quit of the Carousel of Progress.

As you come close to the primary decline on Splash Mountain, a gopher bulges and also screams “F S U”! It was positioned there by an Imagineer that simply occurred to be a Florida State graduates.

In Owl’s home on the Winnie the Pooh trip, there is a photo of Mr.Toad handing over an action to Owl. The flight gets on the website of the previous as well as infamous, Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride.

A high rating of 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin makes you a totally free ‘stellar superhero’ switch. Below’s a couple of pointers to max your rating.

Component of the initial design for EPCOT can be seen in among the passages of the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland.

Freedom Square

From the one in Fantasyland, the design is British. From the one in Liberty Square, the decoration is very early American.

In the home windows of Liberty Square, try to find a Minute Man’s rifle along with a doll– utilized by homesteaders to allow firemans recognize a youngster lived there.

There are 13 lights– one for each and every initial nest– hanging from the Liberty Tree, the huge Southern Live Oak in Liberty Square. In the Disney film Johnny Tremain, homesteaders hang lights from the Liberty Tree in event of the Boston Tea Party.

The addresses on the doors of the structures in Liberty Square note the year that design was prominent. A “24” on the door indicates you would certainly locate that design being constructed in 1724.

In among the top home windows in Liberty Square you’ll discover 2 lights, alerting you that the British are coming– as well as by sea.

Hidden Mickeys

In the entrance hall of Liberty Tree Tavern
In the entrance hall of Liberty Tree Tavern
A concealed mickey concealed on a covert mickey!
A covert mickey concealed on a covert mickey!
Despite the overview, it can spend some time to find them. Several are truly well concealed!

There are thousands of concealed mickeys throughout Magic Kingdom. Right here are a couple of simple, well well-known ones.

In the Columbia Harbor House Restaruant
In the Columbia Harbor House Restaruant
Near the major entry
Near the primary entryway
And also a pair harder ones …

Utilidors System

Did you recognize when you remain in Magic Kingdom, you are truly basing on the 2nd or 3rd flooring of a substantial energy framework?


When creating Disney World, Walt desired a method to conceal off task employees as well as needs like garbage collection from the visitors. Passages were recommended, however the high water table made it not practical.

Visitors getting here outside the park stroll up a small slope that takes them to the 2nd flooring of the superstructure which crosses components of Main Street, Fantasyland as well as Tomorrowland. You’re really on the 3rd flooring of an enormous structure when you’re in front of Cinderella Castle!

DSC_0335 smaller sized

Never mind reusing. Garbage is gathered by means of a network of pneumatically-driven tubes that draws trash out of wastebasket from below as well as speeds it off via the Utilidors to a central area where recyclable products are figured out, amazingly removing the shame of tossing a plastic container right into a routine trashcan.

Ever before see that to board Small World, you need to stroll down ramps to the water? The trip gets on the very first flooring, while the entry gets on the 2nd.

Visitors can visit the Utildors. They belong to Disney World’s “Backstage Magic Tour” as well as the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour”. No Children under 16 are enabled however, the website of a cherished animation personality walking with a human head might be excessive for their delicate little minds.

PRESS: The Talking Trash Can

Presently ceased! Tweet #savePUSH to reveal your assistance to bring this magic back!

He chats, he relocates, he shocks unwary visitors and also he makes them laugh with his shenanigans. He’s usually discovered outside Cosmic Ray’s and also Auntie Gravity’s.
Looter – Click to find out just how Push jobs.

Retired Magic

Some magic simply does not last. The products listed below were when well liked Magic Kingdom keys, yet have actually given that been retired. The tale survives on however, as lots of people still pass them on and also seek them out.

Waking Tinker Bell

The shop that housed Tink’s cabinet was overhauled a couple of years back and also is currently Castle Couture. Tink needed to locate a brand-new location to accident.

In the past, Tinker Bell made use of to oversleep a tiny cabinet within a shop in Fantasyland. The very first youngster of the day that touched on the cabinet would certainly “wake” her.

Paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island is almost concealed magic itself. Discovering it produces caverns, concealed play areas and also genuine ‘functioning’ weapons at Fort Langhorn. The ft is called after Mark Twain whose genuine name was Samuel Langhorn Clemens.

Upon returning it to the boating motorist, the visitor would certainly obtain a cost-free fastpass for among the neighboring hills. They no more do this, likely because of a couple of visitors merely valuing the paintbrush extra after that a fastpass.


SUGGESTION: Near the play area is an outing table, possibly the only location in Magic Kingdom you can conveniently appreciate a lunch you’ve loaded for the park.

Smith’s Leg

States Bert: I understand a guy with a wood leg called Smith.
Responds Uncle Albert: What’s the name of his various other leg?
— Marry Poppins

As well as from that the Imagineers made a wood leg, with the name Smith inscribed throughout it, and also positioned it in the ‘shed as well as discovered’ area of the Frontierland Railroad Station. It hasn’t been there for years, however is still extensively stated as concealed magic.

Magic Kingdom is one of the most seen as well as most liked of all the Disney World Parks. Its likewise filled with one of the most information as well as surprise magic.

Want More Info on Disney World?

When creating Disney World, Walt desired a means to conceal off responsibility employees as well as requirements like garbage collection from the visitors. They are component of Disney World’s “Backstage Magic Tour” as well as the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour”.

This website has lots of the enjoyable keys concerning Disney World. Anybody that has actually ever before been to Disney understands there are a lots of functional points you require to recognize to obtain one of the most out of your trip. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is pass on the most effective resource for this information.
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Disney Resort Secrets

It includes the initial devotion speech provided by Roy Disney at the grand opening of Magic Kingdom.

Take an excellent appearance at leasing a cars and truck if you’re flying to Disney World. They are component of Disney World’s “Backstage Magic Tour” as well as the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour”. If you’re flying to Disney World, take a great appearance at leasing an automobile. When creating Disney World, Walt desired a method to conceal off obligation employees and also needs like garbage collection from the visitors. They are component of Disney World’s “Backstage Magic Tour” and also the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour”.