We’ve been to 2 EMM at MK and 1 at HS, we also found the food and staff at PVH to be excellent!
We actually arrived 15 minutes late our 2nd time at MK and still got to ride 7DMT ELEVEN TIMES in a row, PP, and WtP each once, made it onto BTMRR twice. (We were first in line, and went immediately back in line.) It was so worth it!
Huge disappointment that they are no longer doing HS, although the buffet kind of sucked, spending our morning at Star Tours was incredibly worth it. DH and DGS spent a lot of time on TSMM as well. (not my fav…)
Our dates were weekdays in mid December last year, so that may have been why we were so lucky to get so many attractions done.
We will absolutely do it again, although now that the word is out, methinks it will be more crowded next time.
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