I have more Harper Goff greatness for you this week with never seen before Harper Goff artwork showing a 1980’s unrealized project for a captive hot-air balloon attraction and restaurant. Although this attraction concept was not designed for Disney but apparently for some company in Canada, Harper Goff designed this Victorian-style hot-air balloon attraction called “Island in the Sky” featuring observation decks, lounges, and a restaurant – a restaurant in a balloon, can you believe that! This fascinating unrealized project included antiquarian, Victorian elements that reminds Harper Goff’s legendary Nautilus submarine and his theme park designs. Even the huge windows inside the restaurant remind the one of the Nautilus!

The hot air balloon was huge, along with four smaller ones on each side and this Harper Goff concept is, in my opinion, pure greatness.

When i saw it it instantly this concept-art done for Disneyland Paris Hotel located at the entrance of the park where are loading in the air hot air balloons.

Of course the balloons were there only for the artwork but i though “wait a minute, wouldn’t it be great to have this Harper Goff balloon flying in the air at the entrance of the park – as captive balloon, just like the one currently on Lake Disney near the Disney Village – its Victorian style would fit perfectly with the Hotel? And DLP could even make money with the restaurant inside. So, i took the WDI artwork and did quickly some picture editing, placing Harper Goff balloon on it, and in my opinion it fits just like if it was done for it!

I’m pretty sure it won’t cost that much to create the balloon as Goff did ( well, it will cost money but not millions ). They could bring all food and beverages that the restaurant would need for guests lunch and dinners when the balloon would be down, during the night when guests are gone. So, on this point, it don’t looks to me to be a big problem.

NOW, as i know that Disney will have concerns about security issues the balloon can’t have its launch base inside the park or can’t fly, even captive, over the park. So, where could we put the balloon launch base? As we know there is already a captive balloon on the lake near the hotels, but ideally considering the balloon design it would be better if it was placed near the DLP hotel. So, i’ve been on Google Maps and i’ve found two locations where it could be possible to have the launch base. First, here is a screen capture just like it is now, view from above.

And here is my proposed idea of locations where, considering what is built currently, i think DLP have available room to put the balloon launch base. My favorite is the “location 1″, but location 2 would fit also. If any of these locations are too close to the parks for security reasons then there would always be the solution to put it on the lake near DisneyVillage where the other balloon currently is.

So, What do you think? Honestly, i don’t see anything unrealistic but may be there is something i didn’t thought about. That said, balloons don’t cost tons of money – this one is more sophisticated indeed as there it include five balloons with a huge one at the center but the cost would be certainly less than a Disney attraction. It would be the only one in the world to have a restaurant, the theming is gorgeous, as a captive balloon it will always be attached to the ground, and DLP would even make a lot of money with guests and the restaurant inside it. If any DLP Imagineer is reading this article, thanks to think about it!

Pictures: copyright Harper Goff, Google Maps

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