The food offerings are great! just for that it is a must do. We love the food from the outdoor kitchens so much that we usually don’t do any TS meals at Epcot during this event. The menu should be coming out soon, but you can google the flower and garden outdoor kitchens or look at some youtube videos. I think they keep a lot of the same offerings from year to year only changing out a few so even looking at last years info will give you a good idea of what will be there. Disney food blog has a pretty detailed info on the food with some pictures and prices. They are small portioned food offerings so you can sample quite a bit without getting full on one thing.

They have a butterfly area to visit and there are other garden workshops, i believe UK had a tea garden tour – never done it though.

The flowers area amazing! and there are topiaries all over the park. I believe they have an Easter egg hunt, which might go for the entire run – so you buy a little egg hunt booklet and try to find all the hidden eggs and i think when you complete it you get a little something. Having never done it i don’t know all the details.

The F & G starts 2/28 so definitely keep an eye on these boards as i am sure there will be many people reviewing food and other offerings for the event once it opens.

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