I appreciate your report, and I agree… people do let negative reviews worry them needlessly. But I find it kind of ironic that those same people will be reassured by this one positive review, as if it really makes a difference. Of course, every negative experience will be balanced out by someone else’s positive experience. It’s partly about expectations, partly your ability to roll with the punches, and partly sheer luck of the draw. On my last family trip, we had horrible luck with ride closures, especially with our FP+. Is that going to happen to someone else? Sure. Everyone else? Of course not. But if no one posts things like that, lots of first time visitors will never consider that it COULD happen, and might be caught without a backup plan when their scheduled-to-the-minute itinerary starts to fall apart.

As for things like restroom cleanliness, that’s subjective of course. And I don’t think anyone is going to cancel their trip due to the possibility of a dirty toilet. But I think a lot of people figure that for what they are paying to visit Disney, the bathrooms should sparkle with pixie dust, and that’s simply not the case. I do not have exceedingly high standards, but I do have two daughters who don’t want to have to flush a toilet and wipe off the seat BEFORE they can go. This is one of those areas where I don’t think it’s Disney’s fault – it’s typically other guests (which is typical of public restrooms anywhere). Nearly every restroom I have entered at Disney had an attendant cleaning and restocking. But many toilets were un-flushed (I think a lot of people, especially children, don’t realize that the self-flush feature only works properly about half the time, and you can – and should – manually flush if it fails). I have still seen water, toilet paper (and worse) on the floors of the stalls. And if the bathroom is dirty when you walk in, a lot of people will be less careful than they would if it was spotless. But if we all did our part, none of this would be an issue. My only real complaint about the women’s restrooms at Disney is the clear glass-front display cases they use for their hygiene product vending machines… “Mommy, what are those?” This is not the place I want to explain THAT to my little girls. :rolleyes:

Bottom line is OP is 100% correct – everything you read about someone else’s Disney trip should be taken with a grain of salt. By all means, do your research and know that things could go either way at any given moment. At the end of the day, your trip will be what you make of it. So make it magical. :)

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