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What’s your best advice for Disney World Newbies?

I would emphasize how large WDW is. Like, show it to scale with a similar sized city- or even in comparison to your local city. Demonstrate the distances between things and the amount of roads, etc.Provide an explanation of travel, from magical express to parking, on site buses and where they do and don't go,

Help me plan a Frozen Day

I'll be traveling in later May. DD17 and I are going to do Disney while the rest of the crew spend a day at US. We will have a total of 6 days at WDW but just one day to ourselves. DD17 loves loves loves Frozen! We are going to get park hoppers and do

Mission space blech!

Probably the least popular attraction at WDW next to Stitch. It's a shame they tore down an entire pavilion for a pretty mediocre attraction.Not only does it make a lot of people sick or nauseous (myself included) .. I just didn't really find it very fun or exciting either. It's the only attraction at WDW

best strategy for viewing Happily Ever After?

There are so many places to watch it from, it really depends what you're after. If you want the prime viewing, seeing the castle, fireworks, etc...then in the hub in front of the castle is the place to be. But yeah, you need to be there really early...probably at least 90 minutes. If you want

FP booking opens in am and just realized only 2 of 4 are on the res

It is dvc, so I dont think I can add them online. Can I still book them for all 4 of us in the am? We have AP's. Or do I have to wait to get thru to Dvc at 9 and then do the fp's? Ugh, how did I not check this.If delayed a

Disney auditioning for improv actors for new Summer offering

Disney has today posted a new audition call, seeking comedic actors with strong improvisational skills for a Summer offering at the Walt Disney World. The posting doesn't specify which show the actors will be part of, but Disney has number of offerings already announced for the summer, including a Guardians of the Galaxy dance party at

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Dates set for the 2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festive, now in its 23rd year, will run from August 30 to November 12 2018. The earlier start in August for 2017 appears to have been a success, with the 75 days once again beginning in August for 2018. Disney hasn't yet released any further information, but expect your

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Pool and snack bar closing for refurbishment at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

The Turtle Pond Pool, Turtle Shack Snack Bar and Flying Fish Gameroom will be closing for refurbishment at Disney's Old Key West Resort. Refurbishment work will begin April 21 with a reopening expected on June 22 2018. The Sandcastle Pool will remain open as normal during the refurbishment of the Turtle Pond Pool area. View all current

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Blizzard Beach closed for weather Tuesday March 13

Disney's Blizzard Beach will be closed March 13 2018 due to low temperatures in the forecast. Forecasts have the lows in the 40s, and highs in the low 70's. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park is already closed for its annual refurbishment. Article Posted: Mar 12, 2018 / 10:20am ETWebsite Designed by Disney World Resorts

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Asking for a friend: Strategy when MK opens at 8

I will echo other posters, you're likely to see a 7AM EMH added that Easter Sunday. It's not currently on the calendar, but I suspect it could be added. Last year, the two week period around Easter saw many MK AM EMHs. Right now the 2018 calendar shows a somewhat typical MK Friday AM and