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Magicbands sold out disneystore

Not sure when your trip is, but I was just on the Shop Disney Parks site. As the PP mentioned, they have lots of MBs. Regular colors and themed ones.You mentioned your next trip is offsite. If you have MBs from prior trips that still work, you can use those. Disney Star Wars Resort Tampa

Food & Wine Festival – Best times and dates to go

I’d go the first week of November. The weather should be awesome. It’s still hurricane season, but those are far less likely to hit then than in late August/early September.That week won’t have too many parties, which really mess with your week at WDW IMO. The F&W Festival is still happening, and depending on how

What are your Hidden Gems in World Showcase?

Not particularly "hidden", but I always find the electric train village near Germany pavilion fun walk through and watch for a few minutes.Also not particularly hidden, but I never, ever miss Voices of Liberty at the American Pavilion. Always a lift to the spirit of American visitors.The pond outside the China pavilion temple is nice

Premier pass ?

They do sell the Premier pass.I am assuming you bought direct from Disney, so they will probably know how much you paid and use that as the amount towards a Premier upgrade. If you had Platinum, I assuming $780 cost; Premier costs $1580, so a $800 extra cost. That is cheaper than a Deluxe pass

How busy will Epcot be the first weekend of Food & Wine?

We are flying in late August 30, Friday the 31st is our first park day. I don't want it to be AK or HS as I don't think I'll get the FPs I want (FoP and Slinky coaster) if we go there the first couple days. MK has morning EMH and since we're getting in

Epcot RD strategy

I booked a FP for FEA. We plan to rope drop Soarin and TT (not single rider). I really had to fight myself because I wanted to FP Soarin but everything I read here suggested that it's so much easier to get an additional FP for this later. FEA is harder to get same day

3day base ticket! EMHs or no?

We recently moved our trip from September to May. We are going to be flying in Wednesday, May 16 around 7pm and flying home Monday, May 21 around 7pm.We have 3 Day base tickets and an extra waterpark day from our travel agency. Our travel group consists of myself DH, DD6, DS5, and DS 4months.

River of Light worth it?

No!Is that good enough? Seriously, I think there are several limitations with the show. Disney shows are often about taking a new technology and using it to tell stories. Fantasmic! was about water/mist screens. World of Color was about computer controlled fountains (Bellagio on steroids). And I think RoL was about automated GPS enable boats

Mission space blech!

Probably the least popular attraction at WDW next to Stitch. It's a shame they tore down an entire pavilion for a pretty mediocre attraction.Not only does it make a lot of people sick or nauseous (myself included) .. I just didn't really find it very fun or exciting either. It's the only attraction at WDW

What’s your best advice for Disney World Newbies?

I would emphasize how large WDW is. Like, show it to scale with a similar sized city- or even in comparison to your local city. Demonstrate the distances between things and the amount of roads, etc.Provide an explanation of travel, from magical express to parking, on site buses and where they do and don't go,