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Same day rider switch?!

tjmw2727 said: ↑ Unfortunately people were collecting and reselling them. Click to expand... Boooo!!!What happened to the good old days of spreading pixie dust and handing them off to the next group of 3 or less that enters the standby line?...or if staying at a Value Resort, handing them off to a group waiting for

Lost park pass card

^That is the easiest way to do it. Also, if it is connected to a MDX account, that's also easy as well. If those two components are missing, it could become a little trickier. A co-worker of mine has gone so far as to pull the cameras from the touch points, and look at the

Help Us Enjoy the Main Street Trolley & Cars Again

Riding in one of these vehicles has always been on my bucket list, but touring with a stroller and now a wheel chair have made that option not very practical. I will always remember seeing them first thing on my first trip to WDW back in the 1980s before Epcot was open, and wanting to

Crowd Level April 11-15

I'm also hoping that those dates aren't too bad as well. It's after Easter and the week before spring break where I live (RI), but I'm sure other parts of the country are still in spring break. We go in April every year and sometimes it's so crowded and sometimes we are shocked at how

Garden Rocks Concert seating

We did 3 of them in September for F&W. Go to the first show. You can get there as early as you want. We got there an hour early and grabbed food and ate dinner while we waited. If you go to the secon or third show, you have to stand in line until they

End of June or August?

Great points above. Have traveled recently during both times.I tend to lean towards the Jun/July 4th dates, if given a choice between the two. We did 7/4 week last year and it was perhaps my favorite trip all year. Great vibe, fun fireworks. July, and even July 4th, isn't quite the "mega crowds" these boards

How bad is New Years?

It's gonna be packed. We go every year for Christmas and NYE.12/31 is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Disney is always crowded now, but NYE is a whole different animal. People show up at rope drop and it stays crowded the entire time. Some will come and find a table or spot to stand for

What are your favorite things to do in MK, Epcot, & AK?

Oh gosh, wonderful question, and I'm sure you will get tons of different answers.MK . . . we like the Pirates game, love sitting and playing a game of checkers with my son outside the candy shop in Town Square. We love riding the Haunted Mansion way too many times lol. People mover after dark

Park closing times: What actually closes?

I'd just like to add that just because you can doesn't mean you should. CM's are not going to throw you out, but, there is something that many people don't think about. CM's are working, you are on vacation (holiday). They have families that they would like to spend time with, you have yours with

Why is Little Miss Matched Closing?

I don't suspect that to be the reason. It appears to me that Disney has been going to great lengths to diversify it's offerings at Disney Springs, and bring in many non-Disney retailers as a way of drawing guests away from the other nearby shopping outlets. My guess is that this would be something more