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How bad is New Years?

It's gonna be packed. We go every year for Christmas and NYE.12/31 is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Disney is always crowded now, but NYE is a whole different animal. People show up at rope drop and it stays crowded the entire time. Some will come and find a table or spot to stand for

What are your favorite things to do in MK, Epcot, & AK?

Oh gosh, wonderful question, and I'm sure you will get tons of different answers.MK . . . we like the Pirates game, love sitting and playing a game of checkers with my son outside the candy shop in Town Square. We love riding the Haunted Mansion way too many times lol. People mover after dark

Park closing times: What actually closes?

I'd just like to add that just because you can doesn't mean you should. CM's are not going to throw you out, but, there is something that many people don't think about. CM's are working, you are on vacation (holiday). They have families that they would like to spend time with, you have yours with

Why is Little Miss Matched Closing?

I don't suspect that to be the reason. It appears to me that Disney has been going to great lengths to diversify it's offerings at Disney Springs, and bring in many non-Disney retailers as a way of drawing guests away from the other nearby shopping outlets. My guess is that this would be something more

PM EMH Discontinued for World Showcase

Does anybody know why?We just did it in January,but a Poster on another Thread posted that they walked through Canada and United Kingdom and everything was closed and then they were turned away at the entrance to France. 28,31,37I REALLY hate this-PM EMH was our favorite time to tour WS! Disney Star Wars Resort Tampa

Haunted mansion magic band

So on our recent trip I saw someone before me scan his band at a ride and instead of a normal green circle, it was green and pink. When I asked him he said he had a haunted mansion band that was limited edition. Does anyone know if these are still for sale and if

AK FP+ help!

I am very excited for our FP+ booking day tomorrow, but am not sure how to book our first AK day, which is on day 60+1 (Thurs. May 10). We have two AK days planned - one on day 60+1, and one on day 60+4. We were planning to try for FOP on both days,

Guest passes and fast passes

I am not Florida based, but I can share my own experiences using the passes. I believe it's the same for all Main Entrance Guest usage, unless they're comps, which don't have the same restrictions.If she's using her Guest Passes, they are linked to her account only, and you will not be able to see

EMH Question for Sat., 3/10

MK calendar shows hours are 8am-12am on Saturday and then at the bottom it just says Extra Magic Hours. I presume 8am-9am is the morning EMH and normal park closing is 10pm and the evening EMH are 10pm-midnight, is that correct? I am not 100% certain and I've messed up my planning on EMH before.

9 year old turning 10

Yep, DGD turns 10 on Sunday, we check in tomorrow. It's her last trip as a Disney kid, since our trip begins before her official birthday. And the main reason we are letting her play hookey for 2 days (shhhh)Just like, if you begin your trip 1 day before you turn 3 you are free