This breaks my heart.

It is stunning technology.  There’s no better place than EPCOT to apply such a remarkable display of ingenuity.  It is incredible to witness.

And it’s so utterly wrong.

Guests will love it.  They’ll think it delightful and adorable and fantastic, and they’ll take lots and lots of videos and pictures to send to friends back home.

Executives will crow about the cross-marketing opportunity.  It shows the perfect marriage of Disney and its pricey Pixar acquisition.

But all it says to me is that given the opportunity to showcase such jaw-dropping technology and demonstrate how it could be used to improve the world … Disney has used it as an opportunity to bring more cartoon entertainment into EPCOT.

This wonderful theme park used to herald the “Dawn of a New Disney Era.”  Now it simply serves as a billboard for the Opening of a New Disney Movie.

So much promise, squandered!  If that makes me a curmudgeon, so be it.