So, i’ve watched in theatre today Star Wars – The Last Jedi and i enjoyed it quite a lot. As you may have read in others reviews this Star Wars Episode 8 is excellent, not totally perfect but with a script better in my opinion than the one of The Force Awakens. Sure, it’ s once again the Resistance fighting the Empire – now the New Order – but after all that’s what Star Wars is all about since the start – it’s about “Wars” in the “Stars”, isn’t it?

Star Wars The Force Awakens was not a bad movie but let’s say that you could feel a bit too much that J.J Abrams tried to “check all the boxes” and have all the scenes you expect to see in a Star Wars movie. He succeeded quite well but here the script is closer to the Empire Strikes Back than to A New Hope. Which is quite a good news as The Empire Strikes Back is considered as the best of all episodes.

The battles are wonderfully choreographed, all actors are credible, including Adam Driver in his character of Kylo Ren who i didn’t liked too much in The Force Awakens as i thought that he was, precisely, not credible in the character of the evil one, meaning not enough evil. He’s much better here and i suppose that either him or the director Rian Johnson remembered the famous Hitchcock quote “better is the villain, better will be the movie”.

The script includes a lot of twists – i won’t tell you which one – and enough surprises to keep your attention all along. And, yes, there is of course Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker who is excellent and Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia who does also a good job in her last appearance.

The editing is particularly well done, specially considering that most of the time you have to follow three stories in parallel, but the editing is so well done that you don’t get lost. It also seems to me that John Williams score is better than the one for The Force Awakens.

I predict a huge success to the movie and my only issue with it is with the actors playing high position like Dohmnall Gleeson playing General Hux. He plays okay the role but i miss a bit the great old actors in supporting roles that we had in the previous trilogies ( like Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee ). Dohmnall is 34 and i think that an older actor would have been more credible in the role of someone who, after all, is supposed to be a general… but that’s my opinion.

Did you watched already Star Wars – The Last Jedi? If yes, let us know what you think about it in the comments below ( as usual your comment may take sometime to appear as i need to approve it, but don’t worry, i will ).

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