Truly bad news coming from Stan Lee who reveal in the TMZ video below that he’s fighting a pneumonia, something that can be deadly for everyone, but especially when you’re 95 years old. In the video, Stan is saying:

Hiya heroes, this is Stan Lee. I haven’t been in touch with you lately. Had a little bout of pneumonia I’ve been fighting, but it seems to be getting better. But I want you all to know I’m thinking of you. Of course, I always think of the fans, and I hope you’re all doing well and I miss you all. I miss your enthusiasm. I miss all the notes and the photos and the emails I used to get, and I still get a lot of them, and I want you to know that I still love you all and I think that Marvel and Spidey and I have the best group of fans that any group in the world ever had and I sure appreciate it. So let me know how you’re doing. I hope everything is going well for you, and I hope next time we talk I’ll be in even better shape. Maybe I’ll have some of this pneumonia knocked down and we can have some real fun over the Internet. Until then, Excelsior.

 Unfortunately this isn’t the only problem that Stan had recently as he is also having some legal issues as $1.4 million were stolen from his bank account.  Someone has stolen $850,000 to buy a condo and $300,000 was used with a forged check.

From TMZ: “Sources connected to Lee tell us … detectives working in a specialized unit that deals with elder financial abuse showed up at Stan’s Hollywood Hills pad Friday to look into the latest theft. We’re told detectives met with Lee for more than 2 hours. Detectives peppered Stan with a bunch of questions … including exactly who had access to any of his accounts and a timeline of when the cash went missing. Stan turned over financial records to help them find the culprit.”

On top of his trips to the hospital, there is sexual harassment allegations made against him, and his former bodyguard causing a scene that ended up with the cops showing up at Lee’s home.

Here is Stan, not in good shape,  talking to his beloved fans.

I explained recently on the D&M Facebook page why the year is going to be hard for Stan as he is a Capricorn native and has currently the transit of Saturn on his Sun degree in Capricorn sign, and it last one year ( actually Saturn will stay in Capricorn three years but exactly on his Sun only this year ). The transit of Saturn on the Sun is always very hard times for everyone, but at 95 it can be truly deadly. Let’s hope that Stan will succeed to go through it.

Video: copyright TMZ

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