Tomorrowland spirit was back today a few minutes ago with the launch of Space X huge Falcon rocket at Kennedy Space Center a few minutes ago. It was the launch of the biggest and most powerful rocket on Earth, and the biggest since the Saturn V rocket who sent men to the Moon more than 40 years ago. And, WOW, that was a big WOW, the giant Falcon rocket lift off without any problems and the two side boosters separated and went back to Earth, so everything went flawlessly! Incredibly thrilling moment with all the excitement of the folks at Cape Canaveral. Long time that a space mission hasn’t been that exciting!

No satellites inside the rocket for this test flight but a car (!), a Tesla roadster with a mannequin inside the car dressed as an astronaut and all are on the road now to Mars orbit! Next exciting mission in a year or two when two ( rich ) tourists will travel for a round trip to the Moon ( with no landing ).

Above, short video showing the lift off of the big Falcon rocket and a full video of the launch with multiple cameras and footage of the car at the top is available HERE. Go directly in the video to 27.30 min as the lift off sequence don’t start before. LIVE footage of the car in now available below.

What a historical moment, really, and this idea of sending a Tesla car to Mars and beyond is the publicity stunt of the century! Here are some pictures of the car and the mannequin dressed as an astronaut who are at the top of the big Falcon rocket who lift off a few minutes ago, and all this on the music of David Bowie “Space Oddity”. The first four pictures of the car, now floating in space, are real pictures, not CGI shot by the cameras inside the rocket. I like the “Don’t Panic!” on the screen in front of the astronaut mannequin!

Pictures and videos: copyright Space X

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