That’s a really hard question lol! Each park has its own advantages/disadvantages for me.

AK has FoP which was hands down my favorite ride on our last trip. It is absolutely stunning. Not to mention FOTLK and Finding Nemo: The Musical which are two of my favorite shows on property. However, crowd levels at AK have been much higher lately because of the addition of Pandora (it was the most packed park of our trip) and FoP reached a 3 1/2 hour wait the day we were there. Thankfully we had FP so this wasn’t a problem but I don’t care for crowds of that size…

HS has my favorite show: BATB: Live on Stage, not to mention TSMM, I really like what they’ve brought in with Star Wars and the Star Wars fireworks are awesome! But with not being sure that your DD would be okay with rides like Star Tours, ToT and RnRC, with the exception of the shows, there really isn’t much else.

I have the same feelings about Epcot as well. We started Epcot at EMH for 8am, our crowd levels were the lowest here, and we literally had ridden every ride by 1:30. I’m not a big fan of touring the WS except for one or two countries and ended up spending most of my time in Future World. We didn’t even end up staying for fireworks because we didn’t feel like hanging around another two hours. However, I do love Soarin and I did enjoy seeing the new Frozen ride as well.

If I was traveling by myself, I’d probably drop Epcot. But that’s only because the others have a greater pull on my heart than Epcot does. Yours, DH’s and DD’s desires could be totally different. DH’s love of Star Wars could make HS a must do or DD may decide that Soarin makes going to Epcot worth it. It all depends on which has the greater pull.

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