According to Screamscape sources the new Harry Potter ride is supposed to be a new family coaster / dark ride attraction concept themed to the “Forbidden Forest” and Universal may be working with Mack Rides to adapt their “Inverted Powered Coaster” ride system which allows outdoor and indoor sections for this new ride. A Forbidden Forest area was also added recently in the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

Lance tells you much more about this exciting rumor on Screamscape HERE but if you don’t know what is the new Mack “Inverted Power Coaster” ride rumored to be used in the new Potter ride ( see post below ), it’s a great new ride system allowing to have the coaster cars to rotate to show a particular scene or even stop before restarting again. It was so far used only in the Arthur ride at Europa Park and the brand new “How to train Your Dragon” ride at Motion Gate Dubai. Here is a video showing the “How to train Your Dragon” ride in the Dreamworks land of Motion Gate Dubai – which was designed by former WDI Imagineer Bill Gorgensen who was the show producer for DLP Adventureland Pirates of Caribbean – that will show you how this “Inverted Power Coaster” ride system works.

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