By Jocelyn Buhlman

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Everybody has one Disney song they can’t help but belt out. Whether you’re in the shower, in the car, or in front of your mirror, you can’t deny it—Disney songs are just too magical. But with a catalog of songs longer than Rapunzel’s hair, how do you decide which Disney song is the best? That’s where we need your help.

March 12 Update: Round 1 was a close race from start to finish—it’s not easy to pick a winner from songs that are so amazing! But, the results are in: we said goodbye to “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “Colors of the Wind,” and (from one of the most discussed face-offs in the bracket) “Let It Go,” to name a few. Now, our eight songs stand in the bracket, waiting for you to choose who will be the final four. Vote now to defend your main melodies and determine who will make it to the next round!

A new round begins each week.

March 5 (Round 1), March 12 (Round 2), March 19 (Round 3), March 26 (Finals)

The winner will be announced Saturday, March 31.

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March Hare Mania Track Bracket Round 2

Use our Spotify playlist to listen to the songs below or click here to open the D23 March Hare Mania playlist in Spotify then click Follow to add it to your favorite playlists.


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