So, I wasn’t able to get FP for FOP even at 60 days. I’ve been trying to modify my Navi FP without luck. I did get a 8:10 Tusker House reservation (9 am park opening). I just read some other threads that FOP has been opening before RD. Am I better to keep Tusker House or try to rope drop FOP? I’ll be at AK on 3/2, with 2 DD’s (5 & 4) and a very young grandma. We are staying onsite (Coronado), not sure if that impacts it.

I’m worried that if one of the characters misses us during the first pass at Tusker, we’ll end up waiting past 9 am. (No WAY will the girls let us duck out without seeing Daisy!!)

I’m not sure if my 4 year old (44″) will be able/want to ride, and won’t wait in line 3+ hours (especially if only one rides).


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