Just a lil info on our viewing that night…

1st off: We’ve been to WDW more than 15 times, have seen plenty of shows throughout the years, and all many multiples…

With that said, we went into it with the anticipation of this. It’s something new No matter what it’ll be a change up. So we really didn’t have enormous expectations. Even if things are somewhat bad ,whether it be a ride, or show, resort, or restaurant (Other than Tony’s) we always find something positive in it.

That night we went to ROL, it was mid/late Aug. so obviously rather warm…This might have played into it as well..But we did have excellent seats..Either the last row in E, or 1st row in I. and the 3 thru 6 to the left. * So right at the walkway basically to exit.*

When we got seated, there was just a long waiting period b4 something came over the P.A. system. And that was basically just a n update for this show about to start..They did this probably 3 times….But while this was going on the 4 boats did come out and basically rotated around the lake for what seemed like a long time. Once the actual music started and the lights and water, it was ok, just meh, and never really picked up any steam…It just felt like it was a lingering lull, with no end in sight…No highs or lows.. When it finally ended, we were like, “Is that it”?

So I wouldn’t, and didn’t say horrible, but just something I don’t think we’ll return to….Add in the fact that it was hot, which might have swayed our mood/decision..Who knows?:confused3

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