Is that good enough? ;)

Seriously, I think there are several limitations with the show. Disney shows are often about taking a new technology and using it to tell stories. Fantasmic! was about water/mist screens. World of Color was about computer controlled fountains (Bellagio on steroids). And I think RoL was about automated GPS enable boats to determine boat placement. My understanding is that something about the high tech on RoL didn’t quite work out, so they rushed the show out with what they had.

The other thing about Disney shows is that sometimes there is awesome tech (WoC) and sometimes there is awesome storytelling (F!). We felt like RoL had neither. The story was muddled and the tech couldn’t save the show. There are also a lot of CMs on the boats in beautiful costumes. At least I think they’re beautiful, they are beautiful in the official photographs. But in the show, it is too far and too dark to see all of the details in the costumes.

Sometimes prior experience can ruin new experiences. People who ride WDW iasw for the first time can enjoy a charming boat ride. For others who have ridden iasw at Disneyland, the experience is underwhelming. We got to experience WoC at DCA and found RoL underwhelming.

…oh, and I forgot to mention that since the show takes place in an animal park, there are no fireworks or pyro effects. So the show seems a little bland.

But having said all of this, I recommend you watch a video on YouTube and try to make up your own mind.

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