Ok, I haven’t used this feature in many years…. but our upcoming trip we have 14 people, 3 of whom will be 5 and younger(2 are actual babies) How am I supposed to figure out rider swap options? We plan to try for overlapping FP times for our group in general- how does this coordinate with swap? I’m reading many different things on many places. So 5 different family groups total- we each have our own MDE,but I’m managing the FP aspect for us overall.
1- is it per person? so say we have 2 babies, we go separately to the line and get 2 swap passes, so we can all ride within a reasonable time?I would send 2 different parents to get their passes?
3- If our 5yo is too small for some rides, do we get a swap pass for him,and the baby,or just one for both of them? We could,I assume get 3 swap passes,one for each kiddo and ‘their adults’ with them?
2- If it’s a big ride that uses FP, we ALL need the FP to go to the line,and request the swap pass?
3- If we DON’T all have FP, and the 2nd group wants to enter using the swap pass, will they use the standby line, or the FP line? How does that work?(I’m assuming we all need Fp at the start)
4- And is this correct, the swap pass doesn’t have to be used right away, it can be used later that day,or even another day that same week?(???)
Thanks for any advice on this…. My family is relying on me to be Julie the cruise director here,and I don’t have recent experience with this one!

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