So whenever you are ready you just go back to the host/hostess stand and tell them you’d like to walk over to the Plaza Garden viewing area. A CM (holding a light thingy) will walk you over. There are a couple of other CMs monitoring the entrance to the Plaza Garden area. Very smooth, efficient.

I migrated over about 8:35ish. While all views/angles from the Plaza Garden Viewing area are going to be roughly the same, there are subtle differences in the view depending on where you are. I know some folks like the back, some like the front, some in between. There are planters and such that can be helpful to ‘lean on’ if that suits you. Very much personal preference.

At this time most folks were sitting on the ground waiting, although plenty were standing too. It had rained earlier that day and the fake grass was pretty wet, I’m sure that had something to do with it.

I was told later a CM would have gotten you a poncho to sit on, but not sure if that’s accurate?

Anyways, this was 8:37PM, somewhere kind of towards the right of the viewing area…

This was all the way over to the left of the viewing area, closest to Main Street.

This was 8:38PM, still a decent amount of open grass there towards the middle/back. I could move around relatively freely still. It does fill in from here to show time, but I didn’t feel it was too crowded on this particular night.

More open real estate. I think the ‘smart money’ goes to the back rail and leans. :-)

I settled on this spot, sort of towards the left/Main Street side. I was aiming for as centered a castle view as I could get. Didn’t disappoint. This was 8:56PM.

Show time… you did need to stand, not enough open space in front of you to make sitting a totally viable option and still see the castle well.

I could have moved a bit to get that light tower out of my direct view, but it looks worse in the photo than it did IRL.

Pics don’t do the show justice….

I don’t have many big shot photos, I wanted to take in the show and not have my face in the phone.

The end…

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