Last trip (all adults) was in October 2015.

Considering returning for a short trip this October . Will be my first ever trip with children under 6 years old (my 2.5 year grandkitten and my then 2 month old grandcat – Yes, I’m a cat lady but these will be human babies).

I have a few questions and will also be searching the boards and Google for answers myself but sometimes its easy to come across outdated information.

1) Is parking and magic bands for your entire group included with a stay at the Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds still?

2) We have never stayed on site, and I don’t really want to, but we will have a 2 month old with us so I’m considering it in case the baby/mama want to go rest while everyone else is in the park. Are there any Disney hotels that are $200/night or under that have separate bedrooms off from the main hotel room? Our party will consist of a few different families so privacy is a must. We can rent a 6BR home for $99 a night so I’m only willing to “give” on this so much.

3) Is Avatar Land any less chaotic now? I don’t expect to ride everything but even just walking around to see the scenery. Has it calmed down any? We’ll be there sometime during the week of Oct. 13-20.

4) In order to cut back on costs, we will only be attending 2 parks instead of 3 this time. Haven’t attended MGM since 2004 and still can’t justify the ticket cost for that park until SWL is open. This time we will also be skipping Epcot. We only plan to do one MNSSHP and AK. However, due to taking my grandkitten, what is the best dinner/lunch/meal for her to see or be photographed with Princesses. She loves Belle and Ariel but any will do as she is still quite young. We are not interested in the Cinderella meal at the castle and will not be going to Epcot so is there anything else?

Thank you for your advice.

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