Is it just luck that you refresh as someone else drops? Yes

Or is this a weird way around the system? No

Do you just constantly refresh? Yes

Or do you pick a ride and then go back and modify? Yes

People change and modify plans all the time. Just think about the number of guests in all 4 parks combined on any one given day. So the odds of some of those people modifying their plans at any given time are very high. I’ve noticed that this becomes more true the closer you get to the actual date. In other words, to constantly refresh at 30 days out is pretty pointless. However, when you get to 24-48 hours out or less, it’s very useful as people are doing last minute changes. The system becomes very “fluid”. People add and drop stuff constantly. I’m not a techy person at all…I don’t text (seriously) or do any common form of social media. I hate using my smartphone in general. However, I’ve discovered that using MDE can be incredibly helpful, so I’m now one of those people who will refresh for 15, 20, 30 minutes non-stop to get what I want. It’s kind of a “brainless” activity, so I’m not taking away from family time. I’ll do it while we’re just standing in a queue talking, or if we’re at our rental house for the night just relaxing and watching TV. Even on 4th of July week, I was able to get things like 7DMT just 10 minutes in advance, FEA (multiple times), FoP (that took a TON of work), NRJ, RnR, TT, you name it, I got it. We’re very much “wing it” type people, so this really helps us. We could be standing in the queue for a particular ride and our kids will say “We want to ride Space Mountain”. So I’ll jump on and get us Space Mountain for 20 minutes from now.

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