You may know that, originally, the Haunted Mansion ride was supposed to be a walk-through instead than the ride we know using Omnimovers. Well, Heritage Auctions put on sale a rare and fascinating original 1957 document that we thought we would never see, prepared by Ken Anderson at the request of Walt for a Haunted Mansion first concept of what Disneyland’s “spook house” might be. It’s also interesting to note that, back in 1957, the “New Orleans” style for the exterior of the mansion was already chosen.

And, as this was done in 1957 more than ten years before Disneyland Haunted Mansion opened it seems to still be the “walk-through” concept which is depicted here. Have a look below at the images from the auction page ( make sure to click on each to see them in big size ) and for those of you interested to bid, jump HERE, bidding starts at $1600.

The Haunted House/Haunted Mansion Disneyland Notes and Plans Group (Walt Disney, 1957):
Here is one of the single most important lots we have ever offered in relation to Disneyland. After reviewing a Ghost House in one of Harper Goff’s original concept sketches, Walt Disney gave the idea of a Ghost House to Ken Anderson. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Disney then visited the “Winchester Mystery House” in San Jose California. Walt asked Ken Anderson to create a story for a theme park haunted house. This is the group of extensive hand-typed notes and preliminary plans for a Disneyland “Haunted House.” It is in a soft binder with a label that reads, “2nd Revision September 17 ‘The Haunted House’ By Ken Anderson.” This has his notes from the Winchester House visit, with his entire 24-page story for the attraction. The binder has a two-page table of contents and a spec page for the Winchester House. Also included are two small sheets with his notes on the Winchester House dimensions. Also included, a folded 30″ x 18″ architectural drawing print of the inside of the proposed ride. Print reads Ken Anderson 9/2/57. This plan is loose. The Front Elevation plan is in the last page of the binder and is a fold-out. Minor handling, edge wear and folds to two architectural plans. Good condition.

Pictures; copyright Heritage Auctions

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