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We are venturing out to WDW in June 2018 for a week! The first and only time I’ve been to WDW was in the late 70’s when I was 5 years old and there was only Magic Kingdom. This will be a first ever visit for DH, ODD, and YDD (who are 11 and 9, respectively).

DH will be attending a work conference most of the week (Sun-3 pm Thurs) and we are not staying on site except for our last night, where the plan involves us spending 1 night at the Contemporary (it’s a bucket list thing!).

Since for the bulk of our trip, we’ll be off site guests, we’ll be making FP reservations 30 days prior instead of 60 days prior. I don’t expect that there will be any FP for either of the Pandora attractions at that point.

I’ve done some searching here on DIS Boards and I’ve read part of the Pandora mega-thread and it looks like the general recommendation is for you to be at the park gate for Animal Kingdom about 90 min before regular park opening.

I don’t plan on going to AK on a day that has EMH if we’re not at an on-site hotel.

I also don’t want to wait in line for 3-5 hours for one ride. I don’t think that’s worth it. It will be just me & the 2 kids at AK. DH is going to do 3 days in the parks with us (with 1 of those 3 days being a partial day) and we’re going to stick with Epcot and MK on those 3 days w/DH.

Ok, so here’s my question…
AK regular park opening the entire week we’re there (week of 6/10) is 9:00 am.
We’ll probably be arriving by rental car. I can’t find info on when the AK parking lots open.
Drive time from our hotel to the TTC will be ~ 20 min.
Should I plan on getting to the AK parking lot by 7:15-7:30 am?

Thanks in advance for everybody’s help & advice!

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