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Posted Park hours different on site than app?

Has anyone experienced this? According to the MyDisney App, the week of my trip shows one set of park hours but the Disney site says something different. So I did a Disney chat and asked, what they provided was different still. So I decided to do call the ticket line today. They have a non-human line that gives park hours. And that was different still! I’m attempting to schedule my park days and FP and finding it annoying that I can’t find the park hours. Here’s what I’ve found:

Magic Kingdom for April 24th- App says 9am-9pm with special ticketed event from 7:45am-9am, Chat person told me 9am-9pm with EMH from 8am-9am, Site and auto phone line said 9am-9pm

April 25th- App says 9am-9pm with EMH from 9pm-11pm, Chat said there are no EMH at any parks on this date, hours are 9am-9pm, site and auto line said the same

I have 3 other examples of the same type of thing. But these days are my main concern. If anyone can shed some light, I would be very grateful.

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