Has anyone experienced this? According to the MyDisney App, the week of my trip shows one set of park hours but the Disney site says something different. So I did a Disney chat and asked, what they provided was different still. So I decided to do call the ticket line today. They have a non-human line that gives park hours. And that was different still! I’m attempting to schedule my park days and FP and finding it annoying that I can’t find the park hours. Here’s what I’ve found:

Magic Kingdom for April 24th- App says 9am-9pm with special ticketed event from 7:45am-9am, Chat person told me 9am-9pm with EMH from 8am-9am, Site and auto phone line said 9am-9pm

April 25th- App says 9am-9pm with EMH from 9pm-11pm, Chat said there are no EMH at any parks on this date, hours are 9am-9pm, site and auto line said the same

I have 3 other examples of the same type of thing. But these days are my main concern. If anyone can shed some light, I would be very grateful.

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