Get a FP for Pandora/FOP in the afternoon. Start your touring at rope drop and start going towards the Dinosaur ride (most rope dropper are heading towards pandora so this hopefully avoids the mass crowds), then to Everest, Kali and then on over to the Safari plan for a FP for late morning. You can hit the maharajah jungle trek after Kali and after the Safari it dumps you right by the Gorilla falls trail. Plan for lunch after the Safari/gorilla falls trail with a lunch at tusker house (table service) or hit Satuli QS in the pandora area. You can only choose one FP for the pandora rides so people usually vote for FOP. This either means skipping Navi river or waiting for it. It does tend to have shorter waits than FOP but they are still very long.

If you want to hit any shows this would involve figuring out the times of the shows to see where you will be when the shows are going on.

You can print out park maps on easyWDW site — i have found it helpful to plan things based on how the park is laid out. Just google easywdw park maps it should bring it right up.

The above is our plan with touring with our 4DD – she will be walking at a slow pace and our goal

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