I remember the best time I had on the JC was about 20 years ago when my brother and I rode it at night. The skipper was a hoot. The best line was
“Now” (as he shut off all the lights) we come upon the most terrifying creature from all regions. Many terrified and not able to speak of it ever again. The most dangerous thing in all my journeys” He then shines a light into the water “The most feared…. the deflated Mickey Mouse Balloon!” And sure enough, there was a bright yellow one floating in the water, stuck on a branch so it could not freely float away. Man, he had all of us in stitches! To this day, every time I step on the JC, I remember that night and the Skipper. I can’t wait until this summer when we go back and my brother joins us. I’m going to see if he remembers. And I be he does.
Yes, it’s a corny ride, but I still love it. My son even got to pilot the vessel into the cave for his 9th birthday. That’s something he still will never forget.

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